Samantha Moynihan profile
Samantha Moynihan profile
Samantha Moynihan

Studio Manager

Sam is a new addition to the management team at Campaign Edge Sprout. Armed with sensational time management skills, serious spreadsheet, reporting and budget experience rounded off with amazing people skills Sam is a welcome addition to the Campaign Edge Sprout crew. Sam is moving into a newly created position as Studio Manger and is responsible for the work flowing smoothly through the agency. She understands the strongest part of any organisation is the people who work in it and we have a great team of like minded professionals all working together. Sam excels at contract management because she familiarises herself and goes out of her way to form good relationships with contractors and vendors.
Sam will help with day to day operations, financial management and heaps of behind the scenes things you don’t see, like IT and ISO. She is also helping out with account service for one of our largest account clients just to keep her on her toes.
Sam also has a creative background and ran her own photography business in Bali for many years while she managed larger private business facilities in Darwin full time. Best way to describe Sam is a people person which fits perfectly into the new direction of Campaign Edge Sprout. With Sam looking after the day to day management, we are moving away from B2B because we are a H2H (human 2 human) creative agency.