Jared McGavin profile
Jared McGavin profile
Jared McGavin


Jared McGavin is a professional with over a decade of experience in the creative industry working as a sole trader and freelancer for various of media companies gaining knowledge in audio, visual and design roles before heading North.
Jared has a Swiss army knife of talent under his belt because he is a sponge when it come to gaining knowledge and embracing new technologies. He’s skills include Videographer/Editor, Sound Engineer/Producer, Photography, Animation and Design.  Jared has co-hosted and produced a podcast channel called In the Middle. He loves music, comes from a family of musicians, and apparently you can’t be a good sound engineer without knowing how to mix tunes. Jared will travel the world for a concert and these days he prefers to attend them much more than work at them.
Jared is up for anything and open to adventure. He wants to see all corners of the Northern and shoot everything that moves – twice. He packed his 4WD, cameras, drone, golf clubs and made the trip from Ballarat Victoria just in time for the dry.
A videographer with the name McGavin and a passion for golf he often gets called Shooter (Happy Gilmore). However be careful if you challenge him on the course because his handicap is pretty impressive.

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