Dominique van der Toorn profile
Dominique van der Toorn profile
Dominique van der Toorn

Graphic Designer

Dominique has more than 10 years experience in the creative industry, offering a wide range of projects, such as editorial design, branding, campaigns, digital design, film and animation.

Her first and foremost objective is to follow her passion with the newest trends in design. She is originally from the Netherlands, now living in Australia for good and has fallen in love with the Australian way of life and design culture.

She graduated with a 4 year degree as a graphic designer at The Graphic Lyceum in Rotterdam, Holland where she did her final 2 years in a Master class.

Dominique is motivated, not afraid of feedback and thrives on meeting deadlines. She loves to visualise communication problems by making use of the most important part – brainstorming. She’ll Sketch and come up with ideas until she has found the perfect solution for a concept.