Abelito Langbid profile
Abelito Langbid profile
Abelito Langbid

Senior Designer

Abelito Langbid is a multi-passionate, multi-skilled, and multi-talented graphic designer, with almost two decades of high-level experience in the creative and design industries. Not only known for being “an awesome Art Director”, who is “easy to work with” and with a “big smile”. Abelito is well-recognised for his collaborative process and vast skill set, encompassing a broad range of software and design suites, and a business savvy that creates beautiful designs that consistently kick business goals. Abelito is an expert in the use of Adobe Creative Suite, a host of architectural CGI, and 3D rendering software suits including AutoCAD, 3DMax, and CoronaRender to name a few, as well as traditional video editing software suites such as Premiere Pro and After Effects.

In addition to his contributions as a graphic designer, Abelito has also worked as Creative Director and commenced his design journey in architecture, working as a  Senior Architectural 3D Artist. Having provided services primarily to the marketing, events, and advertising industries, Abelito has crafted designs for a host of distinguished clients ranging from the multinational toy, board game, and media conglomerate Hasbro, to luxury car manufacturer Lexus, Caltex, Singapore Airlines, and local government and non-government organisations such as the City of Darwin and the Katherine West Health Board Aboriginal Corporation.

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